Nonin Xpod Repair

Nonin Xpod Repairs

Nonin Xpod Model 3013 is used with GE-Marquette Apex Pro telemetry transmitter. The GE P/N is 2007245-001. This is a external pulse oximetry (SPO2) module that has digital output housed in a small connector. Whenever there is a failure in this unit, it needs to be replaced with new one that costs in the range of $2000. The failure of cable on the connector end is very common and it is not an easy task as the whole assembly is molded. Sometime back, G.E. Clinical engineering was looking for the solution to this repeated problem and we believe that there are many Biomed Tech/end users in desperate need of these units.

The good news is that we found a company in Atlanta that does the repairs of this Nonin Xpod Model 3013. They developed the repair work on the request of G.E. Clinical Engineering. This is the ONLY Company in the WORLD that does this kind of repairs. They have done superb job on 10 units that we sent to them and have rectified the problem of repeated failure by using hard shell as an alternative if you prefer. The quality of the workmanship is excellent and it costs less than 50% compared to new unit. This vendor offers many other services that OEM cannot match. They are the only company that does repairs of HP/Philips DECG Model M1364A and offer 2-year extended warranty on fetal ultrasound transducer crystal bonding. The details of the repair service company are as follows.

Averon Bionics, Inc. 7094 Peachtree Ind. Blvd. Suite 255, Norcross, GA 30071
Tel: 770 263 8090 Fax: 770 263 8818

We hope that the information helps all the Biomed Tech community, especially those who are under pressure from the end users. It is a great advantage to save significant amount of money during the hard pressed economic time by way of quality repair service.

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